When you think about a cabin, most people automatically assume that you are talking about a log type home. In Asheville, we have several different types of cabins that you can build on your property. See some of them below:

  1. Log Cabin – this is your traditional cabin, sometimes just one room and a bathroom, and it could be as small as 150 square feet or as big as you wish. Log building is great for several reasons including the exterior look, insulation value, and the longevity of the structure. In addition to that, you do not need any siding on the exterior, or drywall on the interior.
  2. Framed Cabin – this is a cabin type structure, but it is technically built the same way a house would be framed up and finished. For that cabin’ish feeling, some decide to use log siding on the exterior and rough sawn wood on the interior, to give it that rustic cabin look all around. You can also choose to finish this type of cabin with a more contemporary or even luxury finish & feel.
  3. Timber Frame Cabin – some call it post and beam, with timbers that are a little more appealing to the eyes, and they are beautiful. This is a premium wood option for building a home or cabin.
  4. Modular Cabin – sometimes you want it done, or just about done. A modular cabin comes finished or partially finished, and delivered to your home site, making it faster and easier to move in.
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