Asheville Real Estate Investments

The Real Estate market in Asheville is expanding every day, and many towns on the outskirts such as Hendersonville, Black Mountain, and Weaverville are always getting built out in the process. People are looking for a great place to live and retire to, and what better place is there than Asheville North Carolina? The quality of living here is tremendous. In other words, when you live in Western North Carolina, you actually end up with more actual life.

That also means it’s a wise place for investors looking for opportunities that offer a huge return on their investments. We have the groundwork done here in Asheville and we can put together a profitable plan quickly, complete the project in a timely manner, and create an income stream that is worth so much more than you can imagine. Letting your money sit in a bank or getting stuck in the stock market may not be the way to go for you. Let us show you how we can really make your money work for you.

Here are some Asheville investment opportunities to consider:

  1. New home construction – people are always looking for a new home in the Asheville area, and if we build some at the key price point, we will have a waiting list of people that want to buy them. We have worked with another builder in town and he had millions in business sitting in his email inbox because of the demand.
  2. Rental construction – some investors want to build homes for long term rentals, while others want to be more aggressive and build houses or tiny homes for short term and vacation rentals. Not only can we do the construction of these units, but we can also create a business plan to make sure people are renting the units, the places are well taken care of and maintained, and that you see the profit coming in steadily.
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