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Hotels in Asheville North Carolina are going up faster than we can keep track of. Pictured is a new hotel being constructed right off I-240 and Merrimon Avenue, near downtown. Since our community has become a tourism magnet, and rightly so in many ways; a lot of the livability factor of Asheville is becoming lost. Many of the families and people who live and work in the community simply cannot afford it any longer. For example, many of the same hospitality workers that tend to our hotels and restaurants, cannot afford the high rents and taxes of living in the city, forcing the workers to rent a place as far as an hour away and even having to car-pool to Asheville.

Asheville had it’s hay day years ago. There were times when a trickle of folks were steadily moving into the area from all over the world, and growth could be tracked and somewhat accommodated. Not anymore. The tourism industry took over the city and the area grew in visitors, but very little in infrastructure. Today, the city is scrambling in late preparation for all of the newcomers.

In addition to the visitor growth, people moving to the area has expanded greatly. I mean once you visit here and really get to experience Asheville, who wouldn’t want to move to Western North Carolina?! That is where we come in. Our team has helped many people build a home that fits their size and lifestyle, and in a way that is very affordable compared to the other options out there. And it’s more than just building a home, it’s building a life, becoming a part of the community, and thriving in the mountains of Asheville.

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