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There aren’t many ways to beat the prices of Asheville Real Estate nowadays; but here are two options. One of them is to build your own home, which our team specializes in helping folks do just that. The other way is to buy a spec home from a builder who has set profit margins and does not overinflate the price due to the current market value of homes.

We want to introduce you to Brad from Bellwether Builders because he specializes in building affordable spec homes in and around the City of Asheville. So what is a spec home anyway? It is a home that comes already built and ready to go. The way it works is you get exactly what the builder builds. No color choices, no additional work, no change orders; unless you want to have it done after the home is completed and you have purchased it. Of course Brad still does custom home building on a case by case basis, but definitely not for the prices that you can get in one of these spec homes.

Interested? Check out the Bellwether Builders website to learn more and use the “AHBI” discount code for some perks!

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