Only One More Home Building Lot Available With Free Blueprint House Plans

That’s right, we only have one more building lot available just outside of west Asheville, in Candler North Carolina. It is about 3 minutes from grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, other community amenities, and Interstate 40. If you are looking to build a smaller home, either one or two bedrooms, this place would be perfect for you. We already have a set of house plans for a home that would fit great on this lot, but we can also assist you in creating a custom home if you have a floor plan idea in mind. Water & sewer is available on this lot, so no need for a well and septic tank!

Contact us at Asheville Home Builders & Investors for more information!

Don’t want to buy a piece of land but have some land that you want to sell? Let us know so our investors can take a look at it and make you an offer!

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