Asheville is the perfect place for a Tree House. We are already in the middle of a beautiful rain forest, so why not fit in even more, and live in the trees?! Tree houses are great for a variety of uses.

  1. Man Cave or Woman Cave… but it’s not in a cave; it’s up in a tree!
  2. Almost home office – having an office inside of your home can keep you in workaholic mode. This may be the perfect solution!
  3. Kid’s clubhouse – this is the ultimate clubhouse that your kids will remember forever.
  4. A great getaway from your everyday living, but not too far away, just up a tree and you’re free.
  5. A one-of-a-kind rental – imagine all of the great experiences you can create while renting this amazing spot!
  6. An investment – having a tree house on your property will add to the value of your home, just like a garage.

We work with a few Arborists in the Asheville area and can come and do a site evaluation to determine which trees are best to use for your custom tree house project, to make sure this is a lasting structure and that any other tree threats are selectively trimmed or removed.

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