Building A New Home in Asheville North Carolina

It seems like everyone nowadays wants to build a home in the beautiful mountains of Asheville and Western North Carolina. This area is home to many new folks because it offers a high quality of living. From amazing food, to so many breweries, hiking, lake life, a vibrant downtown scene, and so many incredible little towns surrounding our great city!

Now there are many parts of Asheville to choose from. You have the Biltmore Village area which is right outside of the famed Biltmore House and Estate. Then you have Downtown, which has become the main attraction for both locals and tourists alike. There is also West Asheville and Haywood Road, which has become the main strip for locals in our community, with some even claiming it as the “real Asheville” per say. Right between downtown and west Asheville is the River Arts District which boasts many art studios, breweries, and great food. South Asheville is also growing by leaps and bounds after Biltmore Park was developed and a slew of apartments have been constructed. North Asheville and East Asheville are also growing, but maybe not as fast as the other areas around town, and this is a good thing for many.

If you are planning on moving to Asheville North Carolina, here are a few ways to check the area out and get started:

  1. Read some of the recent articles about the area. Asheville is always getting raved about for it’s food, beer, and overall City in the sky, surrounded by mountains.
  2. Visit Asheville and see for yourself. There are several tours around town that you can take, whether the Trolley, or the LaZoom Comedy Tour, and you can even get a private ride in a Tuk Tuk around town.
  3. When you are here, frequent places where you can actually walk around and get a feel for the area. Of course downtown Asheville is good for that, but also walk around West Asheville and Biltmore Village for a few.
  4. Check out some of the local eateries such as Early Girl Eatery, Tupelo Honey Cafe, Curate, Limones, Benne on Eagle, Taco Billy, Red Ginger Dim Sum, and more. There is so much deliciousness in Asheville!
  5. Visit the breweries around town. While talking to a few people recently, the consensus was that the breweries that you need to visit are Green Man Brewery, Burial Beer, and Bhramari Brewing to start.
  6. Check out some of the towns around Asheville, such as Weaverville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, and Waynesville. They all have their own small town vibe with lots of things to do.

So, after you have finally decided that you really want to move to Asheville, or one of it’s neighboring towns, you can start thinking about the home you wish to build. Here are a few questions that you should answer for yourself.

  1. Which area and piece of property am I going to build my new home on?
  2. Which home am I going to build? Do I have a design and floor plan that I want or am I going to get some ideas from my consultant or builder?
  3. What details of the home do I want to customize and make sure that they fit my requests?
  4. How am I going to finance this project? Do I have enough cash to complete the project, or will I need a construction loan?
  5. Am I going to hire a General Contractor to build it from start to finish, or am I going to act as my own contractor?
  6. What is my schedule and when am I ready to start building?

Once these questions are answered, you are now ready to start building your new home in Asheville North Carolina!

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